A Holistic Dental Approach

Holistic Dentist

The dentist is not just repairing and extracting teeth. He is there to do everything to make your teeth completely healthy and strong, white, and beautiful.

When it comes to a holistic dental approach that is best, we strive to combine the best practices of traditional and medical knowledge with recently recognized alternative practices in total dental care. We tend to be less invasive and rely on pharmaceutical therapy, to irradiate our teeth less, to identify all the causes of disease, not just to ‘mask’ them. We restore the teeth in your mouth and affect the joints and muscles of the face and head. We want to know what are the toxins that affect the teeth, avoid exposure to diseases.

A Holistic Dental Approach

We scan the entire jaw if you have pain, and we are ready to go all the way to discover the cause and eliminate it. It is not only necessary to temporarily relieve the pain, but never to recover. When the wound is not closed properly, bacteria can get into the wound and infect you. We take into account the entire health condition of the patient, even if there is a connection with the teeth. All of this can affect breathing, neck posture, sleep, metabolism. When we combine overall health, we associate it with pain and what can happen if it continues to hurt.

And a holistic dental approach provides the best conditions for dental treatment, to the extent that everything related to you is important to us. Any disease can cause pain, but if it is related, it is not only necessary to cover it up, but also to remove it for life.