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You Need to Clean That Floor Regularly

Traditionally, sweeping and mopping has always been the way floors are cleaned, and even though gadget like vacuum cleaners and others have made their way into households, what even these machines do is essentially remove dust and then make floors still cleaner with the mopping. You can find out the most about this here:

As a general rule, clean that floor and sweep it every day, while mopping can be done every the or three days. Sweeping and vacuuming removes dust and dirt from floors and makes the environment cleaner and healthy, while mopping can help to settle the dust. Dirt and dust left on floors can even damage floors when they are walked on, as they do tend to abrade floors, and this can leave softer floors like vinyl highly vulnerable. Even stone, ceramic, or other hard tiles can get scratched by the abrasion when you clean that floor.

When you are mopping a floor the mop must be rinsed at frequent intervals to remove any dirt or dust that has gathered on it. It is advisable to use separate water for rinsing, instead of the same solution used for mopping. Cleaners and detergents can be used in the mopping for better results.

Carpets need to be vacuumed every day if there is a lot of traffic. They also need to be deep cleaned by professionals once every couple of months, preferably with steam or shampoo.

Floors must be swept to vacuumed before they are mopped, as this can prevent them from becoming a muddy mess if unswept floors are mopped. For best results, the water used for mopping must be constantly replenished or replaced after every room floor is mopped. Mops should be wrung out so that they are damp and not wet, as an excess of water can cause other kinds of damage to floors. It will also make the floors safer to work on. See that the room of any mopped floor is well ventilated, as this will allow it to dry faster.